15 Taiwanese companies rush into a boom of AI in healthcareJul 24, 2023

AI in healthcare has become the new arena for the technology sector. Following the footprint of Wistron, Quanta, ASUS, Qisda, Acer, and Inventec, the biomedical industry has also actively grabbed a share of the pie, with ONYX Healthcare, EverFortune.AI and Crystalvue Medical aiming at the intelligent healthcare, and iXensor and Bonraybio targeting the infertility market.

The Healthcare+ Expo taking place on 30 November to 3 December has also seen a strong presence of AI, big data, cloud computing and supercomputer technologies, which will also give AI business opportunities in medical and consumer health applications, and will be an important investment for the biomedical industry.

Crystalvue Medical and software industry have developed AI diagnostic systems, and the company is working with several artificial intelligence (AI) companies around the world with the fundus camera to be extended to the United States, Europe, China market; MiiS developed ophthalmology AI retinal image analysis software, reading eye lesions, has also been marketed internationally.

In addition, ONYX Healthcare has developed several AI products, including image analysis, medical computers, mobile care, etc., and the proportion of AI medical equipment revenue has risen to 10%. EverFortune.AI is developing AI-assisted diagnostics and products, and is gradually obtaining marketing approval, such as bone age assisted diagnostics, ECG analysis software, and so on. AmCad BioMed's marketed product, AmCAD-UO, standardises the ultrasound scanning process through a laser auto-positioning system, and then uses unique AI algorithms to standardise the image results to detect patients with moderate-to-severe obstructive sleep apnoea.

Acer Medical focuses on applying AI to medical care, and is the first ophthalmic AI software approved for marketing in Taiwan since 2020; while EBM Technologies is developing AI value-added application platforms and integrating mobile medical products.

What is special is that iXensor and Bonraybio, which will be listed on the Emerging Stock Board in Taipei Exchange on 25 July, are aiming at the infertility business opportunity at the same time.

Founded in 2016, Bonraybio is the largest Chinese biotech VC Vivo Capital's first-invested startup in Taiwan. Bonraybio has a sperm quality analysis test, sperm optimiser and DNA fragmentation analyser under its belt.

The world's smallest high-definition microscope developed by Bonraybio, with a market share of 20% to 30% in the U.S. The fully automatic sperm DNA fragmentation analyser can replace the traditional laboratory TUNEL. Bonraybio will continue to introduce new products every year to drive sustainable revenue growth in the future. 

iXensor is the first company in the world to use the front lens and screen light source of a smart mobile device for blood and urine testing with its unique PixoR image sensing technology, which directly quantifies physiological parameters through the colour rendering reaction of the specimen in combination with algorithms to produce accurate measurement results in real time; it has already developed the PixoTest blood glucose monitoring system and the Eveline Smart Fertility System under the iXensor umbrella.