Salary 2021: Non-Managerial Employees in Taiwan’s Biomedical SectorJul 02, 2022

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According to MOPS Taiwan’s release of salary information on 30 June, 2022, which unveiled the average salary of non-managerial employees in the biomedical sector, there were 15 companies with the pay per annum over and well over 1M in Taiwan Dollar (TWD) and the other 14 with a double-digit salary growth.

Remuneration below refers to Taiwan Dollar. (As of 6 July, USD:TWD / 1:29.82)

Salary of Non-Managerial Employees 2021

Salary of public companies shrank 0.2% in average: As per MOPS, the average pay in 2021 was 728K. Amongst listees, 64.3% presented growth.

Of this cohort, the forerunners were Lotus Pharma (1.03M), CHC Healthcare (1.02M), Formosa Laboratories (965K), Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech (963K) and Excelsior Medical (893K).

Salary of OTC companies up by 1.6% in average: The average pay in 2021 was 771K. Amongst OTCs, 61.8% presented growth.

Of this cohort, the forerunners were PharmaEngine (2.03M), Medeon (1.51M), Foresee Pharmaceuticals (1.26M), TTY Biopharm (1.17M) and PharmaEssentia (1.15M).


15 Companies with Salary Over 1 Million

   Status  Company Average Salary
(1 Million, TWD)
1 OTC PharmaEngine (智擎) 2.03
2 OTC Medeon (益安) 1.51
3 OTC Foresee Pharmaceuticals (逸達) 1.26
4 OTC TTY Biopharm (東洋) 1.17
5 OTC PharmaEssentia (藥華) 1.15
6 OTC Lumosa Therapeutics 1.15
7 OTC Senhwa Bioscience (生華科) 1.12
8 OTC Medigen Vaccine Biologics (高端疫苗) 1.08
9 OTC TSH Biopharm (東生華) 1.07
10 OTC OBI Pharma (浩鼎) 1.06
11 OTC Orient EuroPharma (友華) 1.04
12 Listed Lotus Pharma (美時) 1.03
13 OTC HI-Clearance (杏昌) 1.03
14 Listed CHC Healthcare (承業醫) 1.02
15 OTC Medigen Biotechnology (基亞) 1.01

And there were 14 companies, inclusive of listed and OTC, that came with a double-digit growth in salary: Top three went to Medeon, Intech Biopharm and Formosa Laboratories.


14 Companies with A Double-Digital Growth in Salary

   Status Company Annual Growth Rate
1 OTC Medeon (益安) 50.6%
2 OTC Intech Biopharm (益得) 22.2%
3 Listed Formosa Laboratories (台耀) 20.3%
4 OTC Medigen Vaccine Biologics (高端疫苗) 19.1%
5 OTC Crystalvue Medical (明達醫) 16.3%
6 OTC Dr. Wu (達爾膚) 15.3%
7 OTC St.Shine Technology (精華) 14.9%
8 OTC Foresee Pharmaceuticals (逸達) 14.6%
9 OTC Xingbao International (星寶國際) 13%
10 OTC GGA Corp (創源生技) 12.1%
11 Listed Pegavision (晶碩) 12%
12 OTC Medigen Biotechnology (基亞) 10.8%
13 OTC Microbio (中天生技) 10.6%
14 OTC Polylite Taiwan (寶利徠) 10.1%

Avg. Salary of Non-Managerial Employees: YoY Growth & EPS

Amongst 28 listees and 89 OTCs, excluding one OTC without pay information, the growth rate in terms of salary and EPS below showed that 36.2% of companies moved towards the upper right quadrant, 26.7% towards the lower right (salary+, eps-), 11.2% towards the upper left (eps+, salary-) and 25.9% fell into the lower left where both indicators deteriorated.

Avg. Salary of Non-Managerial Employees by Industry

The biomedical sector in 2021 ranked 25 amongst 28 industries trading publicly and 16 amongst 27 trading in Taipei’s OTC market. Both rankings, compared to 2020, moved downwards.  


Source: MOPS; compiled by IBMI & RBMP.