Healthcare+ B2B: Discover the Latest Telehealth Solutions with AI

Jul 01, 2024

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Trending Products - Telehealth Solutions
Advantech's telehealth cart and suitcase enable remote medical care:
  • Rapid deployment in primary care and specialist settings
  • Integrated computer and power cart for medical use
  • PTZ camera with 18X zoom, Full HD 1080p 60fps
  • All-in-one touch computer with Intel Core i CPU
  • User-friendly handheld digital scope with video system for capturing and sharing body images
  • HIPAA-compliant video conferencing
Chiun Mai Communication
All-in-one diagnostic solution packed in a carry-on suitcase, enabling you to deliver medical care to any patient, anywhere:
  • Integrate diverse medical measurement devices into one compact suitcase
  • Wirelessly upload health data to the cloud for telemedicine
  • Conveniently charge medical devices using built-in slots, ensuring constant power supply
  • Flexibly integrate medical equipment based on specific needs
Quanta Computer
QOCA atm provides a cloud-based solution for seamless online meetings across devices, enhancing medical service efficiency between hospitals and rural areas.
It integrates AI and telecommunication tools to facilitate effective collaboration among doctors, improving diagnostic accuracy. With 5G network integration, it ensures fast, reliable connectivity, simplifying network setup and addressing rural connectivity challenges.
Trending Companies
FET is a leading company in Taiwan, specializing in telecommunications and digital integration, with a strong focus on advancing 5G network infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, AI, and IoT. Specializing in healthcare, FET develops innovative solutions such as smart clinic rooms, patient ward enhancements, and safety innovations, including cloud-based medical records and 5G-enabled medical carts. Beyond healthcare, FET collaborates globally to establish a robust 5G ecosystem, providing customized solutions that support corporate and governmental digital transformation efforts.
Established in 1988, Quanta Computer leads the global notebook industry and has expanded into cloud computing, enterprise networks, mobile communications, smart home products, automotive electronics, smart healthcare, IoT, and AI applications. With production and service locations across Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe, and a strong R&D and manufacturing base in Taiwan, Quanta integrates global resources to support its extensive manufacturing and sales network. Focused on cloud computing, connectivity technology, and client devices, Quanta aims to lead in AI solutions across diverse applications.
Vertex, established in 2020, specializes in 5G mobile communication technology. By leveraging this technology alongside IoT integration, cloud platforms, and big data, Vertex develops diverse applications. Through 5G's capabilities-Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Ultra-Reliable Low-latency Communication, and Massive Machine-Type Communication-patient data and high-definition images are swiftly transmitted to doctors for diagnosis, facilitating effective communication. This enables smart hospital solutions like patient and asset tracking, mobile nursing, and interactive guidance robots, ensuring secure information sharing and promoting hospital digitalization.
“ We foresee promising avenues for future partnerships between Poland and Taiwan ”
-Arkadiusz Grądkowski,CEO
Polish Chamber of Commerce for Medical
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