Healthcare+ B2B: The Latest Handheld Ultrasound Solutions

Jun 17, 2024

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Trending Products - Handheld Ultrasound
A lightweight, wireless point-of-care ultrasound solution, weighing 380 grams and measuring 17.8 cm. Its compact size, 2% of traditional floor-standing ultrasounds, and 4-hour battery life make it ideal for rapid, on-the-go diagnoses in various settings.
BenQ Group
Portable ultrasound system designed for point-of-care (POC) with high-quality image and lightweight models design which allow you to provide professional and real-time medical care for your patients anytime and anywhere.
  • Wireless design
  • Support Android & iOS mobile and tablet
  • Support B,M, CF, PD and PW imaging modes
  • Support DICOM 3.0
  • More than 4 hours endurance
Trending Companies
ASUS focuses on developing advanced algorithms, AI, and medical image processing for healthcare wearables, smart medical devices, clinical displays, and medical information platforms. Leveraging its strong software and hardware integration, ASUS aims to enhance diagnostic efficiency, improve personal health management, and meet unmet medical needs.
BenQ leverages expertise from BenQ Medical Center to offer top-tier medical equipment and healthcare products. With a patient-centered focus, it aims to build a trusted healthcare value chain for healthier lives. Drawing on extensive experience in ODM/OEM collaboration with international medical suppliers, BenQ develops innovative solutions to meet global healthcare needs.
Uni-Shinmed aims to enhance the quality of life through its medicines, health supplements, and medical equipment. The company holds over 25 medical certificates in Mongolia, with all medicines produced in Taiwan's PIC/S GMP-certified factories. As Taiwan is a member of the ICH, Uni-Shinmed’s medicines meet the same quality standards as those from Europe, the US, and Japan.
“ Taiwan, renowned in IT, presents numerous solutions viable for introduction to Egypt ”
-Rashidy Mohamed El,Vice president of Kemet Medical
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