For Buyers and Suppliers in the World of Healthcare
Healthcare+ B2B is a digital marketplace stemming from Taiwan and is a trusted source for manufacturers, distributors and business owners from across the globe to use and create business opportunities. It has nearly 20,000 individual and corporate members and has facilitated over 500 in-person meetings to connect multinational brands, healthcare providers and SMEs.
Be partner of multinational brands
Corporate Members
Be source of suppliers to hospital buyers
Buyer’s Guide Distribution
One stop to expand business network
In-Person B2B Meetings
One Stop to Connect Buyers and Suppliers
250K-300K Avg. monthly page views
110+ Hospitals decision makers
50+ Distributors worldwide
Healthcare+ B2B Features
  • Unlimited product pages
  • Unlimited B2B opportunity posting
  • Guaranteed listing on Buyer’s Guide
  • Access to marketing resources
  • Participation in face-to-face B2B meetings / trade missions
For Corporate Members / Exhibitors
Guaranteed Listing On Buyer’s Guide
Each corporate member has up to three products, services or solutions that can be displayed on Buyer’s Guide.
Buyer’s Guide will be distributed during the four-day Healthcare+ Expo and through e-shots.
Print copy: 20,000
E-copy: 130,000
Access To Marketing Resources
Each corporate member will be promoted through social media and direct marketing.
Facebook: One post in English and one post in Chinese where applicable
E-news: One-time listing on “Partnership Wanted” in E-news, English only
LINE: Similar to E-news, Chinese only
FB: 40K followers
Line@: 5K members
E-news: 80K(ZH), 60K(EN) subscribers
Participation In B2B Meetings / Trade Missions
In addition to self-scheduled online meetings, corporate members will be invited to join B2B meetings, trade missions and/or FAM trips to develop, expand and strengthen B2B network in different cities.
Event details, some are paid-for, will be announced and shared in due course.
Unlimited B2B Opportunity Posting
For each product page created, you can add partnership opportunities where appropriate (e.g. bulk buying, product co-development, OEM) to allow them to be searched and displayed on Healthcare+ B2B homepage.
Healthcare+ B2B Pricing & Advertising
All pricing in USD, VAT inclusive Individual (free) Corporate/Exhibitor
$3,600 /Yr
B2B Exclusive
$1,080 /Yr
B2B Platform
B2B meeting request
Company profile page -
Product pages -
B2B opportunity listing -
B2B Marketing
B2B event
Buyer’s Guide listing -
Social media (FB/Line@) - 2+ 1
E-news listing - 1 company
1, text-based
Marketing Enhancement
Buyer’s Guide advert - 1, inner page double spread -
Sponsor content - -
B2B homepage banner - 2 weeks -
  1. All memberships are on an annual basis; Expo exhibitors are entitled to a special premium of $360.
  2. Expo Exclusive is offered only to Healthcare+ Expo exhibitors.
  3. Once you have signed up and paid, your membership will continue until the end of the quarter next year from the quarter you have joined (e.g. 20 February 2023 to 31 March 2024, 1 April 2023 to 30 June 2024, 7 July 2023 to 30 September 2024 and so on)
  4. The Expo organiser will schedule for advertising and promotion. Exhibitor opted for Premium please contact the organiser for further arrangement.
  5. The Expo remains the right to reschedule advertising & promotion and amend contents submitted.
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