Taiwan-based biotech companies boost revenue through new trade orders and partnerships abroadDec 20, 2022

The unlocking of health opportunities has led to the formation of overseas strategic alliances and new trade orders for biotech companies such as Adimmune Group, AmCad BioMed, Genomics and PharmiGene, which have boosted the stock price.

Adimmune has completed the development of the new Eylea biosimilar drug for macular degeneration injections with SCD, the largest eye drug manufacturer in Korea, and has passed the inspection of its partner pharmaceutical companies in Japan, Canada, the US and Korea.

In addition, AmCad's overseas sales of medical materials have been good, with sleep testing products entering Thailand and Korea, as well as negotiating with Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia for distributorship. AmCad has also completed our new production and new products in the health insurance niche, and our operations are gaining momentum.

In addition to the EMA and FDA, Adimmune has also obtained factory inspections in mainland China, Canada and Brazil, and has also obtained Halal certification in Muslim countries, resulting in significant overseas growth. In addition, we are planning to establish an overseas base in the Jigme Economic Zone in Indonesia to produce self-developed vaccines and biologics, and to build an overseas CDMO center.

Following the Thailand market, AmCad completed the exclusive distribution agreement with Korea for the AmCAD-UO detection for obstructive sleep apnea, which is expected to be certified and shipped in 2023.

AmCad points out that there are currently three more major hospitals in Thailand that are evaluating the purchase of the product, and once the country is well developed in terms of tourism and medical care, it will help to quickly sell to other levels of medical institutions.

Genomics has accelerated the development of its TSO 500 cancer genetic test, minimally invasive fetal chromosome test and the exclusive introduction of Taiwan's first Olink Proteomic High Throughput Test Platform to strengthen its business niche and is cautiously optimistic about next year's operations.

HLA-B*5801/Allopurinol by PharmiGene has been covered by health insurance, and its LTDs service of CYP2C19*2 & *3 detection kit has been registered and officially launched, which will help to boost the business momentum.