Leadtek Showcases at 2024 Malaysia Medical Equipment Exhibition, expanding opportunities in the Southeast Asian marketApr 15, 2024

Leadtek has been gradually gaining recognition in Taiwan's industry in recent years for its smart healthcare ecosystem and cardiovascular health management solutions. Today, the company announced that it will be participating in the Southeast Asian Healthcare and Pharma Show, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from April 17 to 19, 2024. The company will showcase a variety of medical and biotech products, including the Amor Ring, an intelligent ring integrating advanced health monitoring technology for autonomic nervous system and ECG analysis, the H2 Plus wearable electrocardiograph recorder, which has been recognized with the Taiwan Excellence Award, as well as products such as plant-based BtNPN deep relief patches and Caro biomolecular scanner.

Amor Ring - A New Weapon for Health Management

Leadtek has developed the new Amor Ring based on its years of experience in autonomic nervous system analysis technology. This smart ring combines cutting-edge health monitoring technology, enabling real-time tracking of key physiological indicators such as heart rate, autonomic nervous system activity, sleep quality, oxygen level and exercise data for users. Its unique design not only exudes style but also ensures a comfortable wearing experience, allowing users to seamlessly integrate health management into their daily lives. The Amor Ring can sync with users' smartphones through a dedicated app, providing personalized health data analysis and suggestions to help users achieve a healthier lifestyle.

H2 Plus - Effortless Heart Rate Monitoring in 30 Seconds

The H2 Plus wearable electrocardiograph recorder, recipient of the Taiwan Excellence Award, is tailored for home care and personal health management. It merely requires 30 seconds each day to capture personal heart rate, heart rate variability, and electrocardiogram data. For busy professionals, leveraging scientific data to refine their lifestyle and foster healthier habits can significantly enhance productivity.

Furthermore, the H2 Plus is the first wearable electrocardiograph recorder in Taiwan to receive TFDA (Taiwan Food and Drug Administration) approval. In Taiwan, nearly 200 medical institutions are utilizing Leadtek's H2 PLUS for conducting disease risk assessments and postoperative monitoring for patients.

BtNPN deep relief patches - High Curcumin Content x Patented Ultrapermeation Technology

The BtNPN Deep Relief Patches select the highest-content curcumin from top-grade autumn turmeric in Hualien. Through curcumin nanosizing and Leadtek's patented BtNPN Ultrapermeation technology, they facilitate the rapid penetration of active ingredients directly into the hypodermis, ensuring sustained slow release. The percutaneous absorption rate of the application can achieve an effect of over 85% compared to injection, effectively alleviating soreness and discomfort.

FULLSKIN Facial Repairing Essence - Selecting Taiwan's Rare Indigenous Orchid Extract for Ultimate Skin Care


Fullskin Facial Repairing Essence features precious Taiwanese botanical extract "Indigenous Orchid Extract" as its primary ingredient, highlighting its exceptional reparative, brightening, whitening, and highly efficient moisturizing effects. Calendula extract, known for its soothing properties, gently repairs the skin and alleviates skin stress. Coenzyme Q10 infuses vitality into the skin, effectively delaying skin aging and imparting a tight and radiant complexion. It also provides remarkable repair effects for sensitive skin post-laser treatment.

Experimental verification has shown that users will experience noticeable improvement in their skin after 28 days of consistent use. In the renowned 2023 Chinese Fashion Professional Evaluation, Fullskin received outstanding reviews in the amateur word-of-mouth category. Even individuals with sensitive skin, whether due to seasonal changes or innate sensitivity, noticed a significant stabilization of their skin condition and achieved a radiant complexion after use.

Wireless Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Compact and Precise Measurement of SpO2 and Pulse rate

Additionally, Leadtek’s wireless Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter utilizes optical technology to swiftly and accurately measure oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse by simply touching the fingertip. Amidst the pandemic, it has been introduced to the international market and has obtained international medical certifications such as the US FDA, Japan PMDA, and Taiwan TFDA, providing assistance to countries grappling with the severe Covid-19 pandemic. With its compact design, it is suitable not only for home care monitoring but also for convenient on-the-go measurement of oxygen saturation levels.

CaroCare Caro Biomolecular Detection Device - A New Insight into Body Health

Leadtek will also introduce the "CaroCare Caro Biomolecular Detection Device" to Malaysia. Developed and manufactured in Taiwan, the CaroCare device utilizes non-invasive optical technology to detect body antioxidant levels and provide comprehensive health index analysis. It highlights new and patented inventions, with its main feature being the ability to accurately measure body antioxidant levels in just 90 seconds.

This device is suitable for placement in pharmacies or clinics and serves as a complementary sales tool for health supplements. It enables the promotion of suitable health supplements tailored to address specific nutritional deficiencies, making it ideal for promoting overall wellness.

For more product information, please visit the following links.

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H2 Plus:https://amor_h2.leadtek.com/plus/index_en.html

BtNPN Deep Relief Patches:https://amorpatch.leadtek.com/BtNPN_en.html

FULLSKIN Facial Repairing Essence:https://fullskin.leadtek.com/essence/eng

Wireless Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter:https://alvital.leadtek.com/index_eng

CaroCare Caro Biomolecular Detection Device:https://www.leadtek.com/document/8Z81_CaroCare.pdf