DeepMets by Taiwan AI Labs to deploy in Southeast AsiaAug 24, 2023


Taiwan AI Labs announced yesterday (23 August) that Taiwan's smart healthcare achievements have once again gained international recognition, with DeepMets, an artificial intelligence (AI) software developed in Taiwan, successfully obtaining an official approval from Vietnam, and entering the Southeast Asian healthcare market, which has a population of 500 million.

The technology, developed by Taiwan AI Labs and introduced to Vietnam, is designed to improve the standard of healthcare services in the country and provide patients with more accurate diagnostic results. It is worth mentioning that DeepMets is fully compliant with the ISO 13485:2016 international quality standard for medical devices, and is actively working with major medical centres in Vietnam.

Taiwan AI Labs said that the AI-powered medical solutions developed by the company have been certified by international partners, including the European Union's new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and the US CDC, and it was invited to become a supply partner of the WHO StopTB programme this year.

Ethan Tu, Founder of Taiwan AI Labs, shared: "We are building an AI medical industry chain in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia has a huge market of 500 million people and a rapidly growing economy. Taiwan's trusted AI artificial intelligence and top-notch smart healthcare have already begun to create a profound impact in this market."

DeepMets is jointly developed by Taiwan AI Labs and the team at Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH), and its subsidiary, TAIMedImg. It was approved as SaMD in September 2022, making it Taiwan's homegrown TFDA-approved AI for MRI. In addition to southbound expansion, DeepMets is also rapidly deployed globally via Microsoft Azure, and has tangible cooperation and integration with international academic and research institutions, medical services, and large pharmaceutical companies.