Taiwan business watch 2021: Biomedical company profitabilityApr 22, 2022

The following tables indicate the profitability of companies based on their financial reports for the fiscal year 2021. Companies are ranked as per their earrings per share (EPS), gross profit margin (GPM), operating profit margin (OPM) and net profit margin (NPM).

Listed Companies with Growth Indicators: 2019-2021

Note: The table excludes companies with negative profit margins and is ordered by NIAT from the largest to the smallest.

Top 20 by EPS 2021

Top 3 by product category and EPS 2021

Medical Device, R&D, Manufacturing



Genetic Testing & Wellness Check

Workout Equipment & Health Supplement

Pharmacy & Distributor

Aesthetic Medicine & Beauty Care

Agriculture & Agricultural Science

Souce: MOPS, complied by IBMI & RBMP