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Medic-All 〉 Stroke Center, CMUH

Stroke Center, CMUH

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  • Der-Yang Cho/Superintendent

    Der-Yang Cho/Superintendent

    1.Hospital Administration Management
    2.Cerebral Stroke Treatments
    3.Cerebrovascular Surgery
  • Chung Y. Hsu<br/>Board of Directors

    Chung Y. Hsu
    Board of Directors

    1.Cerebral Stroke Medical Care
    2.Administration Management
    3.Medical Care Quality Management
  • Woei-Cheang Shyu <br/>Vice Superintendent

    Woei-Cheang Shyu
    Vice Superintendent

    1.Clinical Neurology
    3.Basic Neuroscience
    4.Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Chon-Haw Tsai<br/>Director

    Chon-Haw Tsai

    1.Parkinson's Disease
    2.Movement Disorder Disease
  • Chung-Hsiang Liu<br/>Attending Physician

    Chung-Hsiang Liu
    Attending Physician

    1.Cerebral Stroke
  • Chun-Chung Chen<br/>Director

    Chun-Chung Chen

    1.Cerebral Stroke
    2.Cerebrovascular Diseases Operations