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Medic-All 〉 Telehealth Center, NTUH

Telehealth Center, NTUH

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  • Yi-Lwun Ho /Chief of the center

    Yi-Lwun Ho /Chief of the center

    1. Cardiology
    2. Cardiac arrhythmia
    3. Heart Failure
    4. Tele-Health
  • Ying-Hsien Chen<br/>Attending physician

    Ying-Hsien Chen
    Attending physician

    1. General cardiology & Heart failure
    2. Echocardiography
    3. Transcatheter endovascular intervention
    4. Telehealth care
  • Chi-Sheng Hung/ Attending physician

    Chi-Sheng Hung/ Attending physician

    1. Internal Medicine
    2. Cardiology
    3. Intensive care Medicine
  • Ching-Chang Huang/ Attending physician

    Ching-Chang Huang/ Attending physician

    1. General cardiology
    2. Interventional cardiology
    3. Intravascular imaging
    4. Telemedicine
  • Jen-Kuang Lee/ Attending physician

    Jen-Kuang Lee/ Attending physician

    1. Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine, Attending Physician
    2. Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics, NTU