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Medic-All 〉 Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Team, NTUCH

Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Team, NTUCH

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  • Jou-Kou Wang<br/>Professor

    Jou-Kou Wang

    1.Interventional cardiac catheterization
    3.Pediatric Cardiology
    4.Interventional cardiac catheterization
  • Ming-Tai Lin<br/>Associate Professor

    Ming-Tai Lin
    Associate Professor

    1.Pediatric cardiology
    2.Cardiac sequelae of Kawasaki disease
    3.Molecular development of embryonic heart
    4.Long QT syndrome & channelopathy
  • Chun-An Chen<br/>Associate Professor

    Chun-An Chen
    Associate Professor

    1.Interventional cardiac catheterization
    2.Director, echocardiography lab and cardiopulmonary exercise lab, NTUCH
  • Mei-Hwan Wu<br/>Professor

    Mei-Hwan Wu

    1.Ablation for arrhythmia
    2.Dean, National Taiwan University Children's Hospital
  • Chun-Wei Lu<br/>Assistant Professor

    Chun-Wei Lu
    Assistant Professor

    1.Ablation for arrhythmia
    2.Director, Adult Congenital Heart Center, NTUCH
  • Shuenn-Nan Chiu<br/>Associate Professor

    Shuenn-Nan Chiu
    Associate Professor

    1.Ablation for arrhythmia
    2.Director, electrocardiogram lab, NTUCH
  • Yih-Sharng Chen<br/>Professor

    Yih-Sharng Chen

    1.Cardiovascular Surgery, ECMO
    2.Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    3.Chief, Department of cardiovascular surgery, NTUH
  • Shu-Chien Huang<br/>Associate Professor

    Shu-Chien Huang
    Associate Professor

    1.Congenital cardiac surgery
    2.Emergency medicine
    3.Extracorporeal circulation
    4.Director, Pediatric surgical intensive care unit, NTUH
  • Heng-Wen Chou<br/>Assistant Professor

    Heng-Wen Chou
    Assistant Professor

    1.Cardiovascular surgery, ECMO
    2.MD, School of Medicine, National Taiwan University

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