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Medic-All 〉 Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center, NTUH

Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center, NTUH

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  • Shee-Uan Chen/Director

    Shee-Uan Chen/Director

    1.Reproductive endocrinology & assisted reproductive technology
    2.Infertility treatment
    3.Micromanipulation of gametes & embryos
    4.Cryopreservation of oocytes
  • Hong-Nerng Ho/Professor

    Hong-Nerng Ho/Professor

    1.Reproductive endocrinology & Infertility treatment
    2.Habitual abortion treatment
    3.Reproductive Immunology
    4.In vitro fertilization and reproductive medicine
  • Hsin-Fu Chen/Professor

    Hsin-Fu Chen/Professor

    1.Endocrine disorders of reproduction & Infertility
    3.Menopause & Aging
    4.Laparoscopic surgery
  • Jehn-Hsiahn Yang<br/>Professor

    Jehn-Hsiahn Yang

    1.Hysteroscopic surgery
    2.Laparoscopic surgery
    3.Infertility treatment
  • Kuang-Han Chao<br/>Assistant professor

    Kuang-Han Chao
    Assistant professor

    2.Reproductive endocrinology
    3.Endometriosis (adenomyosis)
    4.Laparoscopic surgery
  • Ming-Yih Wu<br/>Assistant professor

    Ming-Yih Wu
    Assistant professor

    1.Endocrine disorders of reproduction & IVF
    2.Threatened/habitual abortion
    4.Hysteroscopic/laparoscopic surgeries
  • Chin-Der Chen<br/>Assistant professor

    Chin-Der Chen
    Assistant professor

    1.Menstrual disorders
    2.Assisted reproductive technology
  • Mei-Jou Chen<br/>Associate professor

    Mei-Jou Chen
    Associate professor

    1.General gynecology
    3.Reproductive endocrinology
    4.Laparoscopic surgery
  • Chu-Chun Huang<br/>Attending physician

    Chu-Chun Huang
    Attending physician

    1.Assisted reproductive technology
    2.Reproductive endocrinology and infertility
    3.Laparoscopic surgery