Privacy Policy

Welcome to Healthcare+ B2B (this "Site" or “We”), in order to help you understand how this Site collects, processes and uses your personal data, please be sure to read this "Privacy Policy" carefully to protect your personal rights.  By using this Site, you agree to our collection, processing and use of your information in the manner described in this "Privacy Policy".


A. Purpose of Collection

We collect personal data for the purpose of visitor and member management, marketing, customer and member services, information exchange and surveys, statistics, research analysis related matters, as well as other purposes with your consent.

B. Personal Data Collected

According to the needs of the services provided, this Site may collect and process the following personal data related to you, including basic information, billing information, activity information, etc.:

  • Basic information (including but not limited to): name, email address, contact number, mobile phone number, company, job title, address, member account number and password (in the case of a member), as well as company and product related information needed for promotion.
  • Billing information: payment method, financial account number, invoice/billing information, and other transaction information.
  • Relevant activity information when using the services of this Site (including but not limited to): search wording, browsing content, viewing records, interaction records with other members, hobbies, devices used, operating systems, IP addresses, etc.

You agree not to provide us with any inaccurate or incorrect information, and you agree to notify us immediately of any inaccuracy, error or change in the information you provide.


C. Period and Region of Use of Personal Data

  • Period: until the date when the data subject legally requests to cease collecting, processing or using, or the Site ceases providing services
  • Region: Your personal data will be used for the operation of this Site and the location of the server host, currently Taiwan.


D. Third Parties and Methods of Use

This Site and the third parties (such as financial institutions, cooperating manufacturers and other service providers) entrusted by this Site to handle related affairs will disclose, process or use personal data within the scope necessary for relevant operations in accordance with the aforementioned specific purposes. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties other than the above, unless otherwise required by laws or with your written consent.


E. Your Rights in relation to Your Personal Data

You may, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, (1) inquire or request to view your personal data; (2) request to make copies; (3) request for additions or corrections; (4) request to stop collecting, processing or using; and (5) request to delete. If you want to exercise the above rights, please send an email to thp@rbmp.org.tw, and the customer service staff will confirm in an appropriate way whether you are indeed the party concerned or the person who has the right to exercise the rights on your behalf, and will assist you with related matters within a reasonable period and scope. If you inquire, request to view personal data or request to make copies, this Site may charge necessary costs.


F. Impact on your Rights

We hereby remind you that if you are unwilling to provide your personal data for this Site to collect, process and use according to law, or if you fail to provide your complete personal data, this Site respects your decision, but you may not be able to enjoy the complete services provided by this Site, or are unable to use this Site. If the information you provide is incorrect or the correctness is disputed, it may not be protected by this Privacy Policy.


G. Security Measures

When processing the collected personal data, this Site will implement reasonable technical and organizational security management measures to prevent data from being stolen, leaked, lost, tampered with and damaged, and abide by relevant laws and government policies on personal data protection.


H. Amendments to Privacy Policy

This Site will revise the content of this Privacy Policy from time to time in response to changes in relevant laws and regulations. The revised version will be published on this Site or notified to you in other appropriate ways. You may view the latest content of this Privacy Policy on this Site at any time.


I.Customer Service Window

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to thp@rbmp.org.tw, the customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible.