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On May 17, 1979, the 1631th Council of the Executive Yuan passed the "Science and Technology Development Plan", and decided that the government and the private sector should jointly organize to "promote the effective application of information technology, enhance the country's overall competitiveness; shape the development environment of the information industry and The "Institute for Information Industry, III" (Institute for Information Industry, III) whose purpose is to enhance the competitiveness of the information industry. In July of the same year, the Institute for Information Industry was formally established.
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Medical device industry: medical device R&D and import companies, cooperating to research artificial intelligence of medical equipment
Medical software industry: Those who are interested in artificial intelligence medical image interpretation technology
Medical field experimenter : A new model of breast assisted diagnosis, software field verification
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The AI mammogram assistant achieves three accomplishments:
1. Boosting the performance of taking mammograms for assisting radiographers
2. Alerting high-risk mammograms using AI analysis technology
3. Detecting suspicious lesions during radiologists screening mammograms
The AI mammogram assistant improves the performances of mammography, mammogram screening, and risk alert of breast cancer. Furthermore, reducing the processing time of delivering reports from 2 months to 10 days improves the workload and effectiveness of medical inspection.
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