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Wistron Medical Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wistron Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 and publicly listed company. We have in-depth expertise with a wide array of healthcare technologies and years of experience designing and manufacturing in-vitro diagnostic equipment, multiplex analyzer, healthcare robotics, imaging equipment, as well as delivering smart healthcare solutions using advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, and big data analytics for informative, digitalized and intelligent healthcare outcomes.
Human-centric smart healthcare with human-technology integration is the heartbeat of our solutions, by continuously strengthening our core technology and carrying out the concept of altruism. We aim to become the strategic partner for medical technology companies, and deliver innovative medical solutions and services to improve people's lives.
With years of investment in medical industry, our outstanding experts deliver track record supporting in chronic disease care, data analytics, medical imaging process and smart hospital, and work closely to healthcare institutions. Leveraging the expertise and experiences, our services provide informative data, digitalized clinical process and intelligent solutions. We deliver the implementation of cutting-edge technology not only optimizes medtech, but also defines the hospital of the future and continues to stand out pioneering the smart healthcare industry.
Registered CapitalTWD 500,000,000
Product/Service Category
Digital health Smart heathcare Medical software Medical device Infectious disease prevention & control
As a Buyer
Health365 Platform provides services to 1. employee healthcare 2. elderly healthcare 3. chronic patient healthcare 4. other partners
Our team is looking for smart ICU healthcare and AI solutions partners.
CKD healthcare solution can be introduced to dialysis center and nephrology specialists integrate services with homecare IoT&dialysis device
Pathology digital platform is featured with 1. standard and digitalization collaboration 2. FHIR collaboration plan 3. AI-based partners
BestShape VS services to 1.long-term care center 2.Postpartum center 3.hospital
As a Supplier
Health 365 is designed for employees, the elders, chronic disease patients, featured with gamification content and disease risk analysis
Kidney disease healthcare total solution continuously provides healthcare records with BI and AI function based on different users
Innovative ICU dashboard provides flexible methods which automatically displays EMR and patient-centered information.
1. Digitalized Pathological Process 2. Standardized Medical Imaging 3. FHIR Standard Exchanging 4. Remote healthcare 5. Intel OpenVino
This system provides 24 hours continuous monitoring and sleep schedule by non-contact vital signs sensor without wearing device and camera
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