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In this exhibition by E-Da Hospital, we will present our achievements of cell therapy. We established GTP-rated Cell Processing Labs and produced CIK cell. In the future, we will focus on ADSC, iPSC and CAT-T cells. Our displays also include autologous chondrocyte cell sheet transplantation therapy for knee joint cartilage defects, autologous fibroblast cells micro-sheet therapy, and esophageal cell sheet repair. Moreover, we will demonstrate the development of Smart Parmacy. Bariartric surgery is also one of foci of this exhibition. We will promote personalized consultation on site. All spectators are welcomed to visit us for consultation. We also expect to establish collaboration with academic and industrial partners.
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Medical institute Smart heathcare Diagnostics & analysis Cell therapy Academia & R&D institutes
As a Buyer
We need different types of cell therapy products to be used in clinical trials and clinical services.
We need innovative medical materials and inspection technology to be applied to clinical services and basic research.
We need to collaborate with CRO companies to promote clinical trials.
We need long-term partners to develop new cell therapy technologies and products.
We ask for the partnership on precision medicine of cancer drug sensitivity test.
We would like to cooperate contract research organization for clinical trial applucation, and we are seeking biotechnology companies to deve
We seeking industry-university cooperation of drug development
As a Supplier
We provide a series of platforms for cell therapy from R&D and manufacturing to clinical trials.
Our quality control laboratory has been ISO 17025 certified and provided services, including sterility testing, mycoplasma testing and endot
We create a cell functional test platform to evaluate your immune cell functions.
The innovation of your research results and products at our center will create new values of the products through clinical verification.
We providing a screening platform of new use of old drugs for emerging diseases
We providing technology transfer of patented drugs for COVID-19 treatment and prevention
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