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Franz Inc./Franz Biotech Inc. is the global leader in ceramic 3D printing technologies and provide additive solutions to help customers to manufacture various electronic components with light, thin and short in size. Their application fields cover medical devices, semiconductors, information and communication technology products and other emerging products. With our 3D-print services, we can assist many industries in the development of customized electronics, such as nanosatellites, 5G/6G mobile phone antennas, machined components, and electronics products, which help to optimize traditional manufacturing procedures. Here, as compared with other ceramic 3D printing technologies, the most unique feature of our creative 3D printing fabrication is that it can print extremely fine models without any support structures.
Recently, we have also achieved success in the development of medical device. In 2020, the "3D printed all-ceramic crown" officially proved by the TFDA. It is the only one that has passed the TFDA certification. Besides, the USA FDA certification is expected to passed by Q1, 2022. In 2021, Franz Inc./Franz Biotech Inc. cooperate with the NYCU interdisciplinary team of Memory Engrams Research (funded by Taiwan Brain Technology Development and International Raising Program, Ministry of Science and Technology) to develop a next generation of ceramic 3D-printed neural chip, which can be used for preclinical studies in diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. We are promoting ceramic 3D printing technology to the market of clinical medical devices in the future.Franz Inc./Franz Biotech Inc. looks forward to cooperating and establishing connections with every industry.
Registered CapitalTWD 300,000,000
Product/Service Category
Digital health Medical device Trading company/agent/distributor Academia & R&D institutes Government agency Others
As a Buyer
.Franz Inc./Franz Biotech Inc. looks forward to cooperating and establishing connections with every industry for 3D printing.
As a Supplier
1. neural chip for lab research 2. 3D printing crowns and veneer for sale
FRANZ polymer neurochip have been widely used in laboratories at Taiwan and abroad.A neurochip is an integrated circuit chip (such as a microprocessor) that is designed for interaction with neuronal cells. It is worth noting that this product is an open system, and any machine that displays and amplifies nerve signals can be used. The cost of the machine in the experiment is reduced, making the measurement of electrical signals a easy things.
Application areas
1. Detect nerve signals.
2. Release the electrical signal.
3. For research on the nervous system, such as neurodegeneration treatment and mechanism discussion.
1. Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
2. Compatibility of MRI
3. The needle body is soft and the brain injury is minor
4. Surface modification of nanotechnology
Product/Service Category
Diagnostics & analysis Hospital equipment Trading company/agent/distributor Academia & R&D institutes Government agency
Here in FRANZ COLLECTION INC., we had overcome the typical issues when producing 3D printing dental crown and veneer, and now we can run serial production at a lower cost. Comparing to crown made by traditional CNC technique, those made by 3D printing technique will less chip off from the main part. 3D printed crown can provide more personalized service to dental patients.
Application areas
Cosmetic dentistry
1. TFDA certification
2.Factory management, highly and stably quality
2. Warranty for 1 year
3. Better accuracy and aesthetic advantages
4. IRB certification for large teaching hospitals
Product/Service Category
Digital health Trading company/agent/distributor Others
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In the past decades, we have also devoted in biotech industry and founded FRANZ BIOTECH INC., which owns special techniques in 3D porcelain printing with materials like Al₂O₃, ZrO 2, and SiC, etc. At this time, we have actively started cooperations with large medical institutions and semiconductor companies in Taiwan.
Application areas
Our 3D Printing Service supports requests on precise and customized parts from every industry, e.g. nanosatellite, 5G/6G smartphone antenna, IC component, and SiC which helps optimize traditional machining processes.
1. 3D printing of mass-produced ceramics and ceramic composite materials
2. Material customization for different industry
3. Ceramic printing accuracy is higher than the general industry
Product/Service Category
Digital health Smart heathcare Medical device Logistic service for bio/medical industry Trading company/agent/distributor Academia & R&D institutes Others
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We’re designing the first ceramic neural probe via 3D printing. The neural probe is an integrated circuit chip that like microprocessor. The micron-scale 3D printed ceramic can insert into a not-open dura mater area in brain. That area senses and controls brain activities.
Application areas
1. Signal detection
2. Release the signal
3. Research on the treatment of neurological diseases and related mechanisms
Our ceramic probe is made by 3D printing.
Small-volume with large-variety production is viable.
You can design the probe in any from.
Our ceramic probe is not only flexible but also strong enough to direct pass to the dura mater.
Each electrodes of our probe are 3D type, which is easier for neural signal detecting.
Our probe is MRI-compatible MEMs design.
Product/Service Category
Diagnostics & analysis Hospital equipment Trading company/agent/distributor Academia & R&D institutes Government agency Others
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