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During the global pandemic of COVID-19, the telemedicine becomes a trend. Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. (MiiS), founded in 2010, is located in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. MiiS is a technology company and devoted to hand-held medical imaging devices, particularly the diagnostic scope sets for the health examination and healthcare service.

Unlike traditional devices, MiiS designs and manufactures light, compact and digitalised devices which can capture medical images more easily and faster for telemedicine and screening. What makes it easier for MiiS to downsize the product is through the team’s extensive R&D which allows MiiS products to have the most flexible, smallest and high productivity MCM solution. Other than the hardware solutions, MiiS has also developed its own cloud management system and AI learning software which helps to integrate both hardware and software thus changing the course for the medical industry. Through this integration and technology,it’s easier to provide all of the vital information doctors will need on their patients.

The core mission of MiiS is to constantly innovate and create products that can help as many people as possible. Hence why, MiiS values the R&D process as our products should benefit the wider community. MiiS is currently looking at potential partners that can help the products to reach a wider target audience in the world. This includes hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and care homes.
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Product/Service Category
Medical device Diagnostics & analysis
As a Buyer
Seeking to collaborate: medical industry, such as: hospitals, clinics, distributors... etc.
As a Supplier
AI-DR software & medical image transmission device, smart wound carer, digital diagnostic set, endoscope, micro camera module
Horus Scope - DSC 300P is designed for telemedicine which develops the concept of ‘Device to Device’. Collecting medial image and data of vital sign with Bluetooth in a few seconds and then integrating all data to device which highly improves the progress of operating. With Wi-Fi transmission to multi-platform, it increases medical efficiency, making case history completed, to reach precision medicine ideal, improve the medical environment, and reduce costs associated with healthcare.
Application areas
• Pediatrics
• Ward round
• Clinics
• Telemedicine
• Education
• Veterinary
• Emergency
• Focus wheel
• Better CPU and sensor performance
• 3.5” capacitive touch panel
• Multi-touch (zoom in / out)
• Video display on device
• Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module embedded
• HDMI Full HD live stream
• USB plug with lock
• Magnetic pogo touch charger
Product/Service Category
Medical device Diagnostics & analysis
Horus Scope digital imaging artificial intelligence (AI) device simplifies the diagnosis process with advantages:

1) To enhance preventive healthcare through the easier screening process.

2) To liberate eye diagnosis from the limitation of ophthalmologist, since it can be performed by general physician as well.

3) To maximize the efficiency of medical resources by providing diagnose assistance to doctors.

4) To minimize DR-caused blind if the symptoms can be spotted in early stage.
Application areas
Assist non-ophthalmologists to diagnose Diabetic Retinopathy and improve the efficiency of ophthalmology clinic.
Horus Scope digital imaging box enables IoMT.
Support real-time action.
● Mark symptoms
● Cyber security Wi-Fi connection
● Quick Charging
Product/Service Category
Medical institute Digital health Smart heathcare Medical device Diagnostics & analysis Infectious disease prevention & control Trading company/agent/distributor Others
1. Webcam

- Video chat / Online diagnostic.

2. Wound analysis APP

- Data integration and upload.

3. Cloud base EMR system

- AI wound analysis

- Recovery tracking

4. 3D camera

- Dimensions measurement.

- Depth measurement and leveling.

5. Color camera

- Image record and tissue recognize.

6. Thermal camera

- Wound temperature distribution.

- Blood oxygen tissue recovery analysis.
Application areas
Ward round
● Image Processing
- 3D / Color Image Overlay
- Thermal / Color Image Overlay
● Wound Analysis App
- User Interface
- Data Integration and Upload
● Cloud Base EMR System
- AI Analysis
- Recovery Tracking
Product/Service Category
Medical institute Digital health Smart heathcare Medical device Diagnostics & analysis Infectious disease prevention & control Trading company/agent/distributor Others
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