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At Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, we envision a world without fear of cancer. For more than 70 years, we have developed, built and delivered innovative cancer care technologies and solutions for our clinical partners around the globe to help them treat millions of patients each year. With an Intelligent Cancer Care approach, we are harnessing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to enhance cancer treatment and expand access to care. Our 11,000 employees across 70 locations keep the patient and our clinical partners at the center of our thinking as we power new victories in cancer care. Because, for cancer patients everywhere, their fight is our fight. For more information, visit and follow @VarianMedSys on Twitter.
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Seeking for AI cancer care database analytic system embed into Varian oncology information system
Seeking for patient care app embed into Varian oncology information system
Seeking for any research, clinical trail or commercial collaboration for radiotherapy combined immunotherapy, gene therapy or target therapy
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National or International business operation partners
Provide world leading high quality radiotherapy equipment included Photon, Proton, HDR...etc
Ethos therapy transforms cancer care with Adaptive Intelligence. It is the long-awaited solution that puts each patient truly at the center of care. For the first time, radiation oncologists have powerful yet simple tools to achieve their intention for each patient, each and every day. They can see changes in patient anatomy, adapt the treatment plan within minutes, and deliver it, all within a typical 15 mins timeslot. Online adaptive therapy is no longer an elusive aspiration, complex and time-consuming to be practical and too exclusive for most clinics and patients. True to the Ethos name, this revolutionary therapy is now for every cancer patient in virtually every hospital and cancer center. Welcome to the Ethos community and the exciting future of adaptive therapy.
Application areas
Online Adaptive Radiotherapy, Personalize Precision Radiotherapy, AI Radiotherapy, SBRT (Stereotactic body radiation therapy), LINAC (Linear Accelerator)
Through the Ethos AI online adaptive treatment solution, we look forward to bringing influence and new inspiration to global cancer treatment

• Transformative technology help enhance clinical workflow.
• Easy integrate multi-modality images at any stage.
• New interactive dose optimizer-powered by GPU.
• Accelerated patient setup and CBCT acquisition.
• Automated contour and planning evaluation.
• Uncompromised high quality radiotherapy.
• Efficient patient-specific QA.
• Advanced evaluation and forecasting.
• Enhanced levels of visibility.
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The ProBeam 360 ̊ system is fully-integrated, offering a 360-degree gantry, ultra-high dose rates, and exceptional precision—all available in compact single-room and multi-room configurations with a significantly smaller footprint.

Benefit for more patients:

Proton therapy plays an important role to against cancer, and not only for today’s most complex treatment techniques, but also to enable next-generation proton therapy. The ProBeam 360 proton therapy system has 50% smaller volume, 30% smaller footprint and 25% lower vault construction cost.

Ultra-High Dose Rates for Flash Therapy:

High dose rates are used to reduce treatment time, manage motion, and can improve treatment quality and conformity. We expect next-generation proton therapy to employ even higher and ultra-high dose rates.

Highly delivery RapidScan Technology:

RapidScan revolutionizes motion mitigation, delivering each field within a single breath-hold for most patients and optimizes treatment plan quality and delivery time.

Exceptional Precision to Adaptive Therapy:

Varian's iCBCT, and high-definition pencil beam scanning leads to high precision and adapt the treatment plan for changes in tumor size and morphology as treatment progresses.
Application areas
Proton Therapy, Flash Therapy, Adaptive Proton therapy,
1. Makes proton therapy more accessible: Smaller footprint, lower cost of ownership, easier to install and ramp-up.

2. Fully-integrated: Shares a common workflow and user interface with other market-leading products from Varian, making it easier to train and recruit staff.

3. 360-degree gantry: Deliver highly conformal plans more efficiently without the need to reposition or reimage. 15 min average door-to-door treatment time.

4. Exceptional precision: Best-in-class imaging and high-definition pencil beam scanning to see, adapt, and deliver on target.

5. Fast treatments: RapidScan™ technology delivers each field in <5 sec, within a single breath-hold for most patients.

6. FLASH therapy: FLASH is an ultra-high dose rate therapy delivered in 1 to 3 treatments. Preclinical research is being conducted using the ProBeam system in research mode.
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