Year established: 2017
 | Registered capital TWD 3M
 | Employees 10


GIMIALIGN, the master of ergonomics! No matter how improper your posture is, with GIMIALIGN, in just one second,you'll get body alignment!

A perfect fusion of medicine, biomechanics, and cutting-edge technology in clothing, GIMIALIGN is a new innovative brand that possess multiple invention patents(granted for 20 years) from various countries around the world. It is a revolutionary solution for flat feet,knock knees,uneven leg length, pelvic misalignment, and functional scoliosis!With powerful functionality and design, combined with flexible and comfortable materials, it helps to realign the imbalance of the human skeleton, preventing the occurrence of incorrect postures. Essential items in daily life, such as clothing, pants, shoes, and socks, become your posture management assistant!

Wearing GIMIALIGN in daily life allows for the adjustment of posture misalignment and prevents the occurrence of incorrect postures.


AI 3D smart socks:

High/Low-cut socks,athletic socks(sports/exercise),toeless socks,office worker ankle socks,invisible socks,basketball socks,golf socks,toe socks,military socks,hiking socks

Key points:

  • Corrects functional flat feet, leg length discrepancy, pelvic tilt instantly
  • Goes beyond corrective insoles in functionality
  • Long-term standing, walking, running—no lower back pain, no fatigue 
  • No more crooked training in fitness and weightlifting
  • Unique 3D lifting straps can counteract incorrect biomechanics originating from the feet, preventing postural pain at its source
  • Multiple patents spanning over 20 years globally

Why it surpasses corrective insoles:

  • Corrective insoles only provide passive support to the soles when standing still; they lose this support when lifting the foot or changing posture.
  • Corrective insoles cannot generate active lifting force and cannot engage the muscles of the foot and calf.
  • Corrective insoles cannot push back the inward-collapsed bones and have no effect on the inner and outer sides of the arch, failing to fully promote a correct gait.
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