Asia Pacific Lovaty Cosmeceutical Corporation
Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.: N419a
Year established: 2012

Asia Pacific Lovaty established a brand Derma-Xpert (DXP) since 1999, exclusively offer dermatology, aesthetic clinics, salon & SPA an innovative of provides aesthetic / dermo-cosmetic skincare product.

Aesthetic Medical skincare product: Moisturizing, Conditioning, Peeling, Repairing, & Sun Protection. Specialized in Post Procedure, post-operation repairing after laser treatment.

Dr. Probioty Skin Repair Series
A skin care regimen for relieving sensitive skin. Specially designed for Rosacea and long-term sensitive and reddened skin.
PBS Probiotics Skin 4.0 is a combination of postbiotics and prebiotics used in skin care products. Long-term use can reduce the invasion of bacteria, maintain good skin's physiological function, and establish a complete [microbial barrier] protection function to achieve easy to maintain and healthy skin. Specially designed for Rosacea and long-term sensitive and reddened skin. It can be used in combination during medication and for maintenance of postoperative care.

AQP Moisturizing Series
Self-circulating ultimate and long-lasting moisturizing series
After laser treatment, the epidermis cells are penetrated by energy and heat and a large amount of water is lost. The skin needs to be strengthened to rebuild, moisturize and repair. AQUAPHYLINE can be used before and after laser surgery to regulate the normal water content inside and outside cells through AQP, reduce postoperative skin moisture loss, and avoid dryness and discomfort.

Dermapeel SOS Instant Repair Series
Postoperative Skin Care Solution for Aesthetic Lasers and Chemical Peeling
All-round skin repair, precise solution to various skin problems. According to the postoperative conditions caused by different lasers, energy and depths, more precise postoperative care is given to effectively relieve postoperative skin discomfort.

Vitamedic Vitamin Series
Getting the right vitamins, keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. Supplement with Essential Skin Vitamins.
Immediately replenishes what facial skin needs. Direct skin basal layer conduction optimizes nutrient absorption, doubling its effectiveness

DMP Acne & Pigment Managing Series
Professional skin care products designed for acne, large pores and other skin, which can improve the effect of skin peeling.
The complex acid designed for dullness, pigmentation problems and uneven skin tone, adding multiple effective whitening ingredients, can enhance the whitening effect and is suitable for a wider range of melanin problems.

Sun Brella Sunscreen
Broad spectrum SPF50 protection & light. PA++++ ★★★★ Effectively blocks ultraviolet rays UVAⅠ-UVAⅡ-UVB, 98% effective sun protection, designed for Asian climate. Watery and oil-free. Dedicated to fragile skin after surgery.

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