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Year established: 1988

The Company kept expanding from 1988 to 2009. Specializing in nylon yarn and polyester yarn, the Company currently has three factories, located in Puyan, Fangyuan and Douliu. In view of the rising awareness of environmental sustainability and protecting the planet Earth, the Company committed its green cellulosic fibers technology in the establishment of subsidiaries Acegreen Eco-Material Technology Co., Ltd. in 2011, and Acenature Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in 2013, which sells finished household products made of yarns from affiliated companies to reach more customers and expand the market.

Acelon's customers are all over the world, and the yarns produced are widely used in various end markets, such as ready-made garments, outdoor functional products, household goods, industrial products, etc. In addition to the basic nylon and polyester raw white yarns, the "functional fibers" and "environmental fibers" series of products are developed in response to the needs of the era and changes in the environment.

The "dope-dyed fibers" produced by the Company save customers from doing most of the dyeing and finishing processes, greatly reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and waste water. "Recycled nylon yarns" and "biodegradable nylons" are made from renewable resources which can reduce waste and environment burden. While seeking for improvement of the ever-changing textile technology, the Company puts the belief in environmental protection into practice and contributes to the protection of the Earth.

Facing the global competition and needs of the textile industry, Acelon has continuously adjusted its growth for more than 30 years. As a " Leader in new fiber materials", the Company continues to develop environmentally friendly products, innovate and reinforce core competency to provide more value-added products, and meeting customer needs is the motivation to push us forward.
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