Vialto Consulting Ltd.
Year established: 2007
 | Registered capital USD 3M
 | Employees 28

Applying Celonis Process Mining (PM) - big data and AI enabled emerging technology, we advise Healthcare Providers (HPs) around the world in accomplishing common healthcare goals with speed and accuracy using intelligent automation and Process Intelligence.
PM was proved to be the perfect tool for HPs to discover, monitor, and improve their processes in order maximize performance; improve patient experience while driving operating efficiencies and reducing costs.
- First, we analyze event logs and other available data from HPs’ existing Healthcare/Hospital Information Systems and other IT systems (no replacement, or new IT systems needed).
- Next, our ML algorithms build up a graphic representation of their workflows that are used to ensure and maintain performance levels they never thought possible.
This will help Taiwanese HPs immediately find problems, locate process bottlenecks, highlight areas where work is duplicated, or non-compliant and subsequently where improvements need to be made to their models.

Concretely PM will help HPs:
• Optimize the patient experience and deliver higher quality outcomes.
• Accelerate revenue cycle transformation - Increase working capital and drive out costs by reducing denials and manual rework across the end-to-end revenue cycle.
• Optimize for supply chain resilience - Control hospital and pharmacy spend and optimize inventory levels to promote quality patient care while reducing overall cost.
• Discover opportunities for automation

Celonis PM will help maximize performance across HPs processes:

• Supply Chain - Reduce spend and optimize inventory levels
• Improve revenue cycle efficiency and working capital - Drive out costs and reduce working capital by removing bottlenecks, reducing denials, and eliminating unnecessary manual rework
• Meet and exceed patient consumer expectations - Enhance overall patient experience and deliver higher quality outcomes by revealing and fixing inefficiencies across the patient journey
• Recruit and retain top healthcare talent – Hire, onboard and retain top healthcare talent, develop and engage your employees more effectively
• Streamline health services and operations – Improve clinical care coordination, maintenance and operating room scheduling to help your facilities run more efficiently

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