B. Green Technology Co., Ltd
Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.: I416
Year established: 2005
 | Employees 80

The establishment purpose of "TURTLE GYM" is to hope seniors are able to live a slow life, slow exercise, and slow LOHAS like a turtle. Also, we hope seniors are able to promote health and achieve the goal of vitality and longevity through precise exercises step by step. We provide the most professional cardiovascular training, balance training, isokinetic training, osteoarthritis training, osteoporosis training, elderly exercise and home exercise training for people with disabilities.
Those equipment are with AI smart elderly sports and fitness management system, imported AIOT and the cloud system which can comprehensively track and manage your exercise status, formulate precise exercise prescriptions, evaluate and adjust appropriate exercise methods through long-term tracking of health & exercise records, so that you can achieve your ideal exercise goals.
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