Lukas Biomedical Inc.
Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.: I116
Year established: 2014
 | Registered capital TWD 368.74371M
 | Employees 74

Lukas is a high-quality biomedical company specializing in immune cell cultures. Lukas’ primary memory T cell technology is developed in collaboration with the National Cancer Center of Japan. The technology has been validated through 2 Phase III clinical trials in Japan and Korea and has been certified by Korea FDA. Post-marketing Phase IV clinical trial data is therefore available validating the efficacy of our technology and more than 10,000 people have received such Memory T cell treatment in Japan and Korea and Taiwan.

Our pursuit for perfection will never ceases, and we will aim for continuous improvement in 5 different aspects:

● Clinical trials: Lukas aims to provide cell products validated with evidence-based medicine and we will therefore conduct clinical trials in Taiwan and USA to increase our indications of our products.
● Application for actual clinical use via TFDA’s “Regulations Governing the Application use of Specific Medical Techniques or Examinations, or Medical Devices” to help more cancer patients.
● Lukas is moving forward toward to our goal of becoming a public listed company, receiving government’s inspection and enhancing company’s operation.
● Compassionate Use: Collaboration with medical centers to provide compassionate use of cellular therapy for advanced stage cancer patients who have failed all other treatment.
● CTC ( Circulating Tumor Cell Detection): CTC detection is a fast and convenient cancer detection technology. It provides initial diagnosis before treatment, diagnosis of tumor metastasis during treatment, follow-up after treatment, and evaluation of treatment prognosis.

With vision of sustainable operation, Lukas will continue to provide high- quality technologies in immune cell culture to assist patients to fight against cancer.
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