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Thank you for visiting Taiwan Healthcare+.
Taiwan Healthcare+ strives to provide a central portal to resources and information on medical centers and biotech companies in Taiwan for patients and medical/biotech professionals around the world.

Before you contact us

Did you know that Taiwan Healthcare+ allows you to search for and directly contact medical centers and biotech companies online easily? Please take a moment to read the following quick guideline on how to navigate through the website to find the medical centers/companies that best suit your needs.

  1. Select “Medic-All” for medical centers or “Bio B2B” for biotech companies
  2. Select the main target of your search
  3. Apply the appropriate filters to narrow your search
  4. Click on “Search” to view the search results page
  5. Once you land on a medical team/biotech company page or service/project/product page, you may use the gray buttons on the right side of the pages to contact the medical team/biotech company directly

For detailed instructions, please refer to the FAQ page:

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