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Rotam-Pro comprises 3 kinds of unique Probiotic + premium level Prebiotic (food Grade), is acid-tolerant and still active in low pH value(e.g. stomach acid), high temperature, meets the requirement of the farmers.

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The 3 unique bacteria in Rotam-Pro possess strong vitality and rapid multiplying characteristics, also are able to secret antimicrobial substances. Combining with the prebiotics (food grade), more and more good bacteria flora can survive in the intestinal track, simultaneously inhibit the growth of bad bacteria which might produce toxin damaging the intestine mucus, thereby increasing the immunity of animals.
After a series of trials about Rotam-Pro, the data shows: 80% of probiotics in Rotam-Pro are germinated after 12 hours, 100% of probiotics are germinated after 24 hours. 
The heat tolerance trials shows: Rotam-Pro is still active in 100°c after 1 hour, with no significant flora decrease. With the heat resistance feature, Rotam-Pro could be added in the feed for and still active after high temperature pellet procedure.

The unique 3 probiotics in Rotam-Pro can secrete organic acids, help decomposing cellulose, protein and fat into smaller molecular, thereby increasing the absorption rate of feed, shorten the number of days to reach the target weight. 

The unique 3 probiotics are still active in the manure, continue to decompose the substances, reduce the bad odor from the manure. After the field trials show that Rotam-Pro are beneficial to reduce BOD and COD swine farm wastewater system.
1.Farm order control.
2.Growth promotion.
3.Improve meat quality.                                                        
4.Usage: Swine and poultry, add 1 KG of Rotam-Pro in 1 ton of feed or water.
Collaboration Options
Country distributor.                                                                            
If you need more information of product, please contact
Frank Wong: Frankwong@rotam.com                                                     
Cecily Hu: Cecilyhu@rotam.com
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