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Bio B2BUnited Orthopedic Corp. 〉U-Motion II⁺™

U-Motion II⁺™

U-Motion II⁺™

1. TPS PlusTM Surface Coating
2. Optimized Head-to-Cup Ratio Provides Excellent ROM
3. Simple Setting of Liner-Cup Assembly
4. High Screw Angulation
5. Bearing Options: Metal and Ceramic on XPE Liner

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TPS PlusTM Surface Coating
U-Motion II+ Acetabular System utilizes the new Ti plasma spray plus (TPS Plus) coating technology to achieve a greater surface roughness (Ra).
The rough surface of implant provides scratch fit for initial stability and has been shown to reduce micromotion, both effects contribute to long term fixation of the implant1,2.


 Increase Surface Roughness 

Optimized Head-to-Cup Ratio Provides
Excellent ROM
Larger head combined with 12/14 UTF taper stem system, allowing satisfied flexion range and eliminating impingement.

 Wider range of motion  

Simple Setting of Liner-Cup Assembly


High Screw Angulation
Improving surgical flexibility without compromising cup fixation3.


Bearing Options: Metal and Ceramic on XPE Liner
U-Motion II+ Acetabular System allows surgeons to select either metal on XPE or ceramic on XPE bearing option.

  1. Jasty M et al. In vivo skeletal responses to porous-surfaced implants subjected to small induced motions. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1997 May;79(5):707-14.
  2. Feighan JE et al. The influence of surface-blasting on the incorporation of titanium-alloy implants in a rabbit intramedullary model. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1995 Sep;77(9):1380-95.
  3. Hsu JT et al. Effects of screw eccentricity on the initial stability of the acetabular cup. Int Orthop. 2007; 31: 451-55.
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