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Taiwan's Artificial Intelligence Expert in Computer-Aided Medical Imaging Diagnostic Devices

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-10

AmCad BioMed Corporation (AmCad), the subsidiary of Maywufa Biopharma Group, who specializes in developing innovative Computer-Assisted Detection and Diagnosis (CAD) devices, has successfully developed and commercialized a series of the pioneering medical devices...

AmCad BioMed Corporation (AmCad), the subsidiary of Maywufa Biopharma Group, who specializes in developing innovative Computer-Assisted Detection and Diagnosis (CAD) devices, has successfully developed and commercialized a series of the pioneering medical devices. As traditional medical ultrasound imaging were only available in black and white that relies solely on the experience of the doctor for analysis, its interpretation is subjective and prone to discrepancies. AmCad has developed an exclusive patented technologies and analysis algorithm to quantify and visualize sonographic features. It successfully converts the clinicians' wealth of experience into a technology that can analyze clinical ultrasound images quantitatively. The doctor needs to merely circle the region of interest and the computer algorithm will automatically detect tumor image characteristics, including hyperechoic foci, echogenicity, texture, margin, tumor shape, and tumor size. It can therefore quickly assist medical professionals in interpreting medical ultrasound images.

Targeting the Early Diagnosis of Thyroid Neoplasm

AmCAD-Ut is the first computer-aided thyroid ultrasound diagnostic device approved by FDA. It will reduce 50% unnecessary FNA and 30% excessive surgery and lifetime medication for patients with thyroid nodules. Through integration with the hospital information system (HIS), the software can be applied to the analysis of different medical ultrasound images. Multiple medical centers in Taiwan have already adopted this technology.
In addition, the AmCAD-UT have been introduced in as many as 20 hospitals and health evaluation centers in Taiwan and apply for coverage in the Health Insurance, while discussions are ongoing with more potential customers abroad, has authorized Beijing Medical Equipment as its agent in China. This year, the company has successively signed distribution contracts for Singapore, India, Indonesia and Nepal. Currently, AmCAD-UT has been approved by US, EU, China, Taiwan and Malaysia, and has acquired the 510(k) and CE mark.Concerning the requirement for fine needle aspiration of thyroid neoplasm, AmCad has developed AmCAD-DC, which automatically detects and selects cell nucleus and cytoplasm to help doctors scientifically determine whether characteristics of thyroid cancer cells are present. Currently, nearly 50% of the patients have their benign tumors unnecessarily removed due to human error in diagnosis, causing the patients to require medication for the rest of their lives. The use of AmCAD-DC can drastically reduce the number of such cases. By collaborating closely with a team of clinicians to provide a more comprehensive computer-aided thyroid neoplasm diagnostic device, AmCad is gradually becoming well-positioned in non-invasive early diagnosis of thyroid neoplasm.

Developing Flagship Product for Early Diagnosis of Hepatic Fibrosis and Tumor

In addition to the patented algorithm for the characterization of traditional ultrasound images, AmCad further developed an ultrasonic diagnostic platform for pathological organ tissue (AmCAD-US) and an ultrasonic diagnostic platform for hemodynamic properties (AmCAD-UV). These platforms present information on the distribution of heterogeneous structures and hemodynamics images that traditional ultrasound imaging cannot provide. These technologies opened new ultrasound imaging applications in non-invasive medical diagnosis.
AmCAD-US is the first device to utilize the ultrasound image data of backscattered signals to visualize heterogeneous structures in tissues. As there is an unmet need for early diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis that currently relies on invasive biopsies, the first wave of applications will aim at the prognosis, screening, and treatment for hepatic fibrosis and hepatoma. The diagnostic platform for hemodynamics ultrasound analysis (AmCAD-UV) employs a proprietary technology to eliminate noise caused by breathing and motion artifacts to achieve analysis of the dynamic ultrasound images that include the flow and distribution of the arteries and veins. Such technology can assist in the early diagnosis and prognosis of various cancers and diseases of the organs. The first application targeted is breast cancer. Moving toward developing integrated systems of ultrasound software and hardware, AmCad has developed a computer-aided sleep apnea detection system (AmCAD-UO) which images the patient's respiratory tract and determines the chance and severity of respiratory tract obstruction occurring during sleep. The examination only takes 10 minutes and does not require the patient to sleep. Taking the preemptive opportunities in developing innovative computer-aided ultrasound diagnostic systems, integrating smart platforms, and even developing a handheld intelligent ultrasound (iSONO), AmCAD is determined to greatly broaden the clinical applications of ultrasound systems.

At this year's Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo, the company will seek distributors or agents in the ASEAN, South America, and regional markets in the Middle East countries.

(Editing by Jim Shih, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)



AmCAD-UT® Detection

Quantification and visualization of the sonographic characteristics on thyroid nodule


Assisting user's interpretation of variation in hemodynamic properties of blood vessels


Assisting the user's interpretation of the variation in tissue characteristics.


Evaluating the risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) syndrome


Commercially available software specifically designed for cytopathology analysis



Using innovative herbal collunarium to treat allergic rhinitis- better anti-inflammatory and swelling-relieving efficacy than traditional saline nasal wash

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-06-18

The winning team of the National Innovation Award developed a herbal collunarium, a herbal extract with anti-inflammatory and swelling-relieving efficacy, and used it for treating allergic rhinitis via nasal washing...

Cornea repair and sealing— Innovative collagen film provides a complete solution for eye surgery and care

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-06-12

The winning team of the National Innovation Award combined a specific collagen protein that resembles human cornea components with hydrophilic polymers to induce the self-assembly of collagen protein into a layered structure...

Metallic glass coatings can effectively reduce injection discomfort

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-07

A team in Taiwan has developed a metallic glass coating for syringe needles, effectively reducing injection-induced pain...

Taiwan develops Innovative Non-invasive Device for Glucose Measurement

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-07

The device shines a laser on the subject's finger, using optical rotation and the depolarization parameters of the subcutaneous tissue to measure blood glucose values within 40 seconds...

How a Team of Technicians is Helping Taiwan Triple Mask Production

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2020-03-25

Over 100 Taiwanese technicians boosted Taiwan's mask production from 4 million to 13 million in just 6 weeks...

How Taiwan Used Big Data, Transparency and a Central Command to Protect Its People from Coronavirus

Source : Stanford University
Published : 2020-03-06

Taiwan is only 81 miles off the coast of mainland China and was expected to be hard hit by the coronavirus, due to its proximity and the number of flights between the island nation and its massive neighbor to the west. Yet it has so far managed to prevent the coronavirus from heavily impacting its 23 million citizens, despite hundreds of thousands of them working and residing in China...

Taiwan wants to be a model in the fight against coronavirus

Source : Archyde
Published : 2020-03-06

The country set up a unified command center very early on to fight the epidemic and restricted arrivals from mainland China...

Virus highlights Taiwan's expertise

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2020-03-02

Taiwanese officials have taken concrete steps to prevent the spread of the disease. These include stricter border controls, formulating standard operating procedures regarding virus-source tracing and minimizing the risk...

Coronavirus could be unkillable: top Taiwanese researcher

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2020-02-02

Experts say carriers may continue to spread Wuhan coronavirus even after recovering, call for immediate development of vaccine...

Taiwan's Semiconductor Industry Supply Chain Provides Key Advantage in Regenerative Medicine

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-27

Taiwan's semiconductor industrial supply chain comprises IC design, wafer fabrication, packaging and testing, and module and pathway manufacturing, a structure similar to the bio/pharmaceutical R&D, cell preparation for single cell sequencing, cellular quality control and supply chain logistics...

Taiwan NHI data provides a Key Advantage for AI Medical Applications

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-11

This year, Taiwan's National Health Insurance Bureau will open its medical imaging database to biotechnology and healthcare firms, providing a distinct advantage in the development of AI and big data applications for precision medicine and cloud-based medical care.

Call for distributors and agents: boost your business with a breakthrough Nano-tech products ranging from healthcare to fitness

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-15

Green Energy Nano Tech (GreenE) has a globally unique patent technology used for the production of bio-level far-infrared nanofiber materials used in healthcare and fitness products.

Miko Drip IV monitoring system revolutionizes the Smart Ward

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-10

Taiwan's leading quantitative proteomics services provider open its services to all customers in Asia NOW!

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-21

I.B.M.I brings three large-scale Israeli venture firms to develop new strategic investment partnerships and opportunities in Taiwan

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-14

In late May, I.B.M.I General Counsel Wong Chi-Huey and Vice President Yang Pan-Chyr welcomed an Israeli delegation including three major venture capital firms (Pitango, aMoon, and Alon)....

BenQ / Qisda Seeks Expansion in Medical Products, Cooperation with International Distributors

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-10-08

The Group has accumulated years of ODM / OEM experience working with major medical device companies, which allows for the faster development of more innovative and competitive products. At the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo this year, the Qisda medical business unit, BenQ Medical Technology, BenQ Dialysis Technology and BenQ Hearing will jointly showcase their niche product lines...

GGA Introduces Whole Genome Databank and Expands Collaborative Network for Precision Medicine

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-09-27

GGA will officially launch the whole genome databank this year, which will offer a personalized gene sequencing service that can provide a lifetime of benefits. From before conception, newborn, infant, adult, to cancer gene testing, the service can provide genetic testing at different stages of life...

Avalue Introduces Technology to Create Smart Hospital

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-09-08

Avalue is dedicated to improving the efficiency of the medical staff and the quality of hospital care. Using IoT as the foundation, Avalue has successfully built a series of solutions in smart healthcare systems that coordinate information and communication between multiple hospitals.At this year's Taiwan Healthcare Expo, Avalue will be promoting its intelligent nurse station and smart ward solutions. Avalue will be creating a high-quality smart healthcare scenario ...

Taiwan Stanch Brings Consumer Medical Product Manufacturing Expertise for 200 Brands Around the World

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-28

With the rapid development of technology as its goal, Taiwan Stanch has joined forces with the chemistry, biology, and medicine departments of major universities to establish a development center to design innovative products...

NCTU Boost Taiwan's Frontier Technologies in Biomedicine

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-14

NCTU has begun over one hundred cutting-edge research projects and the joint development of several dozens of technology with international partners. In Taiwan, NCTU is partnering with 7 key medical institutions and medical centers to launch clinical studies.The incubation center has helped spawn over 100 startups...

PharmaEssentia's novel pegylation technology platform holds promise for Polycythemia Vera (PV), Hematological Neoplasms—and more

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-29

Utilizing its innovative 40K PEG and its novel pegylation technology platform by combining protein engineering and PEG-related chemistry, PharmaEssentia Corporation creates novel lead product, Ropeginterferon alfa-2b, which is a novel, long-acting, mono-pegylated proline interferon...

The world's 1st spinscan, synchronized microarray scanner with up to 6 slides.

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-25

SpinScan Micro Array Reader is your best partner for biochips.

Bora Pharmaceuticals Expands into Western Markets through Acquisition

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-08

Bora Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. continues to expand at a rapid pace through successful acquisitions. Through strategic allocation of necessary resources into each acquired company, Bora Pharmaceuticals has doubled its revenues and tripled its profits recently - leading to a remarkable transformation from a R&D focused startup to a rapid-growing global company...

A Global Leader in Glycan-based Technology Begins the FIH Clinical Trial of World's First Homogeneous Antibody Drug

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-01

By employing its patented carbohydrate synthesis technologies (one-pot synthesis and enzymatic synthesis) and the modular synthesis technology, CHO can quickly synthesize over 20,000 types of N-glycan structures of human glycoproteins using only 30 different modular structures...

Orient EuroPharma To Expand Global Collaborations in Drug Delivery Technology

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-24

OEP is planning to expand its business in contract manufacturing and research collaborations. OEP has several niche new drugs that are open to licensing or in search of international partners in collaborative development and is looking for regional trade markets to help expand the global market...

Panion and BF Biotech - Taiwan's Pioneer in New Drug Development

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-17

Nephoxil®, PBF's featured new drug, is a pharmaceutical grade ferric citrate coordination complex, which is an iron-based phosphate binder that doesn't contain calcium, copper, and heavy metals. Nephoxil® can reduce the absorption of phosphorus in the intestines to lower the blood phosphorus levels, thus can be used to treat hyperphosphatemia commonly seen in dialysis patients...

ApexCare integrated Design Thinking Into Agile Development to Provide Safer and Better Quality Long-Term Care Equipment for its Clients

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-02

InsightEyes, the First Capsule Endoscope Developed in Taiwan, is Slated for Market at the End of This Year

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-25

At the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo this year, Insight Medical Solutions will promote this revolutionary new assistive medical device to medical institutions and gastroenterologists. The product can reduce the workload of anesthesiologists, help doctors perform accurate diagnosis through endoscopy...

Taiwan's Pioneer in Genetic Diagnosis and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Provides Expertise and Support for Its Cooperation Partners

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-20

At this year's Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo, Sofiva Genomics will focus on boosting its promotion and collaborations on maternal fetal medicine, neonatal genetic screening, and cancer and personalized genetic tests. The company will keep cultivating the ASEAN market and reach out to the Middle East countries.

Acer Cloud Technology's aBeing Cloud Helps Customers to Effortlessly Build a Cloud Ecosystem that Provides the Public with Early Prevention Health Management Solutions

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-11

Acer Cloud Technology develop comprehensive healthcare services app aBeing Wellness through cloud-based health management services by combining its expertise and resources in terms of technology and healthcare...

uCare's Interactive Smart Health System Makes Exercising and Rehabilitation More Fun and Effective

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-29

At the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo this year, uCare will seek to discuss with major fitness centers about cooperation models in addition to exploring new opportunities to work with hospitals, long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes...

ASUS Life Upgrades Zenbo to Become a Care Nurse by Integrating AiNurse to Provide Solutions for Smart Healthcare and Telecare

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-22

ASUS' Zenbo will no longer just be a care assistant at home. In the future, it will become a nurse for patients and caregiver for seniors. In March this year, ASUS Life and IBM Watson announced AiNurse, which significantly upgraded Zenbo's AI system...

Novel Robotic Endoscope Holder with Automatic Tracking Technology Provides Precise Real-time View for Surgeons

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-15

Hiwin has three major medical devices on the market that have been adopted by many hospitals and long-term care facilities. Continuing its development of devices for minimally invasive abdominal surgery, Hiwin plans to announce a new generation of robotic endoscope holder at the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo this year.

CellMax Life – Finding Cancer Early With Clinically Proven, Affordable Blood Tests – enabled by proprietary Circulating Tumor Cell platform

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-09

CellMax Life will look to boost the promotion and collaboration with hospitals in personalized targeted therapy and diagnostics products.

New Rules in Taiwan Pharma to Enact Patent Linkage

Source : Roger Chang, Lee and Li
Published : 2018-05-07

In Taiwan, brand names are entitled to patent term extension and five-year data exclusivity, while generics have the benefit of abbreviated new drug applications (ANDA) and experimental exemptions. But Taiwan provides nothing like the US patent linkage or the European 11-year data exclusivity to the pharma industry...

Quanta QOCA Smart Applications Platform Provides the Complete Hospital & Health Solution

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-02

Following last year's success at MEDICA 2017 in Germany with the Smart Healthcare System, Quanta's accomplishments in smart hospitals and remote long-term care will be demonstrated at this year's Taiwan Healthcare Expo...

Targeting New Trends in Agriculture, Rotam Crop Sciences Plans Ahead with Smart Agriculture, Biopesticides, and Molecular Breeding

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-24

Wistron Medical to Demonstrate its Product Development and ODM Prowess as part of an Innovative Medical Device Alliance

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-16

At the upcoming Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo this year, Wistron will provide a new focus of attention on its concrete progress in product development. Aside from introducing two innovative medical equipment products - the wearable robotic exoskeleton and the artificial intelligence assistance system for hemodialysis, Wistron will also invite three major medical equipment ODM clients in a joint exhibit as an alliance.

EirGenix- Your Best CDMO Partner in Asia

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-09

Nang Kuang Pharma is Expected to Have a Breakthrough in Exports This Year

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-02

New Drug Approvals in 2017 by Taiwan FDA

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-01-30

Taiwan FDA Announced the Guidance for the Management of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Medical Devices

Source :
Published : 2018-01-18

Taiwan's Five-year AI Research Program officially Launched, 21 Research Projects in The Fields of Biotechnology and Medicine

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-01-30

The ministry has budgeted NT$5 billion (US$166.8 million) for the five-year program and has selected four universities as subsidiary research centers: NTU, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan, and National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in Hsinchu, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Hsu Yu-chin said.

Internationally Recognized Antibody-Drug Conjugate Production Platform Brings Exceptional CDMO Services to Biopharmaceutical Clients Worldwide

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-01-10

Taiwan Sees Big Potential in AI healthcare solutions.

Source : Taiwan Business TOPICS
Published : 2017-10-31

Taiwan has huge potential as a cradle of artificial intelligence solutions, but so far its notable successes have come from start-ups like Appier rather than government-backed initiatives. Now, as the government opens the coffers to encourage investment in self-driving cars and AI healthcare, the race is on for Taiwan to develop an AI ecosystem that can compete on a global stage.

Taiwan's New Policies and Partial Amendment of Procedures for Drug Registration and Approval

Source : TFDA
Published : 2017-09-05

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) recently announced several new policies and partial amendment of procedures for drug registration and approval, consultant service, to speed up the drug review process and improve the quality and efficiency of approval system for medicinal products. The new policies and major amendments are listed as follows:

Taiwan Regulatory Framework for Medicinal Products has been Accredited by The PIC/S: TFDA

Source : TFDA
Published : 2017-08-17

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has become a member of The Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) since January 1, 2013.

A Golden Era for Taiwan's Biopharma Sector

Source : Los Angeles Times
Published : 2017-08-01

Biotechnology has been seen by Taiwan's government as an industry of particular importance to the country's future.

GEN's 2017 Edition of Its Annual Asian Cluster Ranking: Taiwan is The 5th in Asia

Source : Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Published : 2017-07-06

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) 's report of "Top Eight Asia Biopharma Clusters 2017" provides ranking on the east's most promising regions for biotech and pharma businesses. According to the report by GEN, Taiwan' biopharma is the 5th in Asia.

Taiwan, A Top Option for Global Biotechnology Operations or Flotations

Source : Bin Li, Ph.D./ Pre-managing director and head of asia healthcare research, Morgan Stanley
Published : 2017-06-26

Taiwan has three unique advantages for biotechnology companies: (1) good incentives policies, (2) capital markets and (3) regulatory environment. As to technology, Taiwan has US-style originality in their colleges and universities.

High barrier-to-entry API, finished injectables to drive growth in 2017: ScinoPharm CEO

Source : Pharma Boardroom
Published : 2017-04-07

Tainan-headquartered ScinoPharm Taiwan, the country's leading API manufacturer, will continue its strategy of producing high barrier-to-entry API while vertically expanding its offering to encompass the manufacturing of finished injectable products, reported Chen Yung-fa, ScinoPharm's President & CEO in a recent interview with PharmaBoardroom. Another growth driver for 2017 will be the company's “Double A" strategy, being API and ANDA, where ScinoPharm is teaming up with pharmaceutical companies

Biotechnology Industry in Taiwan Receives Specially Legislated R&D Investment Incentives

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-03-08

Taiwan's Policy & Stability is friendly for biotechnology industry

Taiwan's exports of pharmaceutical, CAGR nearly 7% during 2012-2016

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-02-23

▪ Taiwan's pharmaceutical and medical products enjoy steady export growth ▪ Contact lens exports expand 300% in five years to lead medical products

Taiwan's international investment and license agreements reach nearly US$1 billion in 2016

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-02-16

International distribution in territories including Greater China, the US and Canada are expected to bring in US$810 million, while international investment/joint ventures total US$130 million.

2016 was a big year for Taiwan's biotech R&D with 8 items moving into the NDA stage

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-02-07

It is worth noting that of the eight drugs currently in the NDA stage, six (75%) entered NDA in 2016, reflecting the gradual industrialization and commercialization of new drug development in Taiwan.

Taiwan's Niche Model in Biomedical Development Opportunity- Perfect Environment for Innovation and Medtech Startups

Source : Yue-Teh Jang, Ph.D.
Published : 2016-07-22

Excellent talents and internationally recognized national healthcare system are the strengths in Taiwan

Source : Patrick Y. Yang, Ph.D.
Published : 2016-07-22

Taiwan possesses creative talents and outstanding scientists who are extremely hard working, honest, flexible, agile, and incredibly competitive. The collective market capitalization of the biotech companies in Taiwan is already about the same as a mid-sized biotech company in the U.S. The combined product pipeline is quite impressive.

Taiwan's advantages lie in innovative thinking and energy

Source : Jane H. Hsiao, Ph.D.
Published : 2016-07-20

Taiwan's greatest advantage in the biotech industry is innovative thinking and discovery. Taiwan is also a relatively new market with great flexibility. At this time, Taiwan has excellent opportunities to attract international expertise in developing new drugs, business partnerships, resource integration, and negotiation experts.

Taiwan's advantage lies in the quality, creativity and integrity of its people

Source : Larry Hsu, Ph.D.
Published : 2016-07-15

Taiwan's key advantage lies in its human resources. Taiwan's people are always eager to learn, are highly dedicated, take their work seriously, and show tremendous creativity and integrity, attributes which directly raise the quality and innovation of products. With increasing collaboration with multi-national firms, Taiwan is picking up the international regulatory and market experience.

Opportunities and Challenges in Investing in Taiwan's Biomedical Industry

Source : James Huang, Managing Partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
Published : 2016-07-22

Taiwan, equipped with its world-class ICT and precision machinery industries, as well as a well-educated biomedical workforce, is well-suited to become a major player in the global biotech industry. For years Taiwanese government promoted and supported local biotechnology companies, providing tax incentive program. The Taiwanese culture is welcoming and warm, making it easy to attract foreign experts and industry veterans to the island.
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