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THP 〉 About Us

About Us

A PORTAL to world-class medical teams and cutting-edge bio companies in Taiwan. 
Taiwan Healthcare+ provides anyone, anywhere in the world with convenient access to high-quality medical services and the burgeoning biotechnology industry in Taiwan, all certified and quality assured. This website is your PORTAL to medical and biotech opportunities in Taiwan.
How can Taiwan Healthcare+ help you?


For patients:
We provide high-quality, niche medical services, such as world-famous liver transplantation, craniofacial surgery, artificial reproductive technology, comprehensive minimally-invasive surgeries, and much more.
Patients from anywhere in the world can make an appointment directly with the medical team of their choice for an evaluation and subsequent medical treatment.
For medical professionals:
We provide hospital collaboration projects, including medical & clinical partnership and hospital management collaboration from leading medical centers in Taiwan.
Medical professionals can request collaboration directly with a medical team to discuss and evaluate opportunities.

【Bio B2B】
Bio B2B is designed for bio-business professionals to find value-added partnerships in Taiwan in fields ranging from APIs, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, to bio-agricultural and health supplement companies.
Seeking new pipelines and technology platforms? Looking for innovative, high-quality bio-medical products? Searching for manufacturing, distributing or contract research services? At Bio B2B, we connect you to the best bio companies in Taiwan that fit your specific needs. Find your strategic partnership today!

【Hot Topics】
We do all the leg work for you: in compiling, selecting, and making available remarkable achievements and technological developments that have taken place in Taiwan in the growing fields of medicine and biotechnology. We provide you with the latest, most cutting-edge in news, information, and topics.
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